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A great way to style and feel comfy! Love the checked pattern skirt! FAB! 

A great way to style and feel comfy! Love the checked pattern skirt! FAB! 

Calling all teachers over the UK!

From a students point of view…

Students it’s time to get out your uniform as we are all back on duty to police these teachers fashion ways. I think we would all agree that a teachers clothing needs to be stylish yet comfortable as of course we need to take them seriously as they are our teachers now. Their clothing needs to be smart and convey professionalism. However we don’t want you to be boring with your clothing teachers, we love to see the bright and pastel colours.  A typical man who is a teacher usually has a wardrobe of suit after suit. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as who doesn’t like a man in a suit but why not mix it up with a colourful jumper for warmth instead of a blazer with Christmas just around the corner. In fact why not try the skinny fit trouser for extra style points. If you’re the type of man who is only interested in clothes for comfort why not try a pair of smart black Chinos, the looser fitting off them allows for extra comfort and space. An essential for men to have working as a teacher is a pair of black formal shoes as they will go with anything from suit trousers to black chinos, but do make sure they are super shiny. We all like to see smart teachers walking around the school, as a teacher in casual clothing is a major error to the student eye.  For women it’s entirely different in terms of clothing as women have a lot more choice to look smart and professional. I think we would all agree the classic look that can never go wrong is the standard pencil skirt, be on trend this season with a bright red pencil skirt or even go all out with sporting the leopard print. We students understand if you’re saving the pennies this winter though so instead, why not keep it simple with a black pencil skirt with a coloured or patterned belt to keep stylish at work. In actual fact why not find yourself beige knitted dress ladies and grab a pair of grey criss-cross tights to add a sense of fun. A knitted dress provides not only warmth but style; it provides students with a trustworthy competence about themselves. Another classic for you ladies is the LBD!  Who can possibly go wrong with the perfect shaped black dress! It’s an all-time favourite by everyone, even us students and will never go out of fashion! Why not update your LBD like your pencil skirt with a bright yellow belt, or even a coloured pair of heels to brighten up your student’s day. The peplum is the ultimate trend this season and has made a universal comeback with retailers backing it all over the UK. Wear it with your classic pencil skirt or even a tweed pair of boot leg trousers to spice up your outfit. The peplum is guaranteed to make you feel a million dollars ladies and men will love it. So whatever your preferred choice of style teachers, make sure you keep up to date otherwise you will be having words with us Students! 

So… Is fashion for you?

Fashion may seem to be for the simple minded, less intellectual person however there’s so much more to it than just clothes. Fashion is about finding the perfect solution, it’s for perfectionists who can fit together the most random bits of clothing and put them together to make them look great! It’s about everything coming together at once to create something fabulous that doesn’t exist. Fashion inspires everyone, from young teenagers to older people and has certainly inspired me. Fashion has inspired me to be creative with not only clothes, but in terms of my writing; to try different things and not to be afraid of it! Criticising a person’s clothing isn’t necessarily a bad thing because what someone else hates another person loves! That’s something I have learned whilst growing up, to not be afraid of other people’s opinions because the only one that matters is your own! Although I’m not saying ignore everyone who criticises anything about your fashion sense because sometimes another idea is better than just yours on its own! There’s nothing wrong with experimenting, to go for something so wild, so out there that totally isn’t you should be fun! It should be daring and exciting! Don’t be afraid trying new things, and that goes to both young and old people, as fashion should be fun, exciting and intriguing so off you go guys and get experimenting.